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Picking your first Judo uniform

Picking your first Judo uniform

How do you pick your first Judo uniform?

In this blog post, Sunny will describe 3 main considerations when choosing your first Judo uniform

Social media for Judo Clubs

Social media for Judo Clubs

Social Media Advice/Findings For Judo Clubs Overview Before I started the Dojo Mats business, I knew little about social media and how it works. Ov...
Things you can do to make your club a member MAGNET Part 3

Things you can do to make your club a member MAGNET Part 3

In Part 3, I will cover a micro experience which you can easily alter to give a better customer experience: Payment

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Home to the largest range of Judo Gi, Tatami mats and Judo belts. DojoMats is Australia's #1 Judo Gi and Judo belt supplier, stocking quality Judo brands. We work hard to promote Judo within Australia and New Zealand.

Once an order is placed, your package will be packed and sent out the same day or next day! Dojo Mats offers quick Judo Gi delivery to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Queensland and Canberra.

Shipping to New Zealand is also fairly quick, some customers have reported to have received their Judo Gi order as fast as 3 business days on a regular delivery.

Your quest to find the perfect Judo Gi starts here! Browse our range of kids Judo Gi, to the IJF approved Judo Gi