Covid update

The tragedy of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to the whole world, and Dojo Mats as a business is affected just like everyone else.

28th may - 3rd June:

All belts will be unavailable to ship out due to storage location being in another location, as Melbourne is still in 7 days lockdown

Shortages in Gi/Belt supply

Regular shipping to our warehouse from suppliers (Germany) have been cancelled due to limited flights. this means that once the non-ijf stock has been depleted, it will take a while before it is restocked, as we cant afford to make losses via express delivery on non-ijf items

Gi + Belt orders

In regards to the products we sell, Gi/Belts (non-mat orders), please expect an additional slightly delayed shipping time, as couriers do seem to be flat out with parcels. We will still keep an eye (as we always do) on your tracking, and maintain communication if need be. The expectation for regular delivery is that you're not in a rush the the item. In reality, we haven't seen any changes domestically.

If you're expecting the delivery ASAP, our express shipping options are still available and that will give you the fastest possible delivery time.

We advise you to purchase quickly if your desired item in stock - HQ is low in stock, and the country where the manufacturing country is still in lockdown. So it might be a while before new stock is replenished. Either way, if you have any questions, you can get in touch on Facebook and we respond super quick ( Facebook Messenger)

Currently, our regular shipping is pretty decent:

SA,VIC, SYD: 1 - 2 Business days (Normal)

WA: 5 - 7 Business days (Normal)

QLD: 2 - 3 Business days (Normal)

Mat orders

The lead time for mats are generally unchanged - ships seem to less affected than everything else. Dojo Mats will be putting in an order for our own supply end of July. If you're after small amounts in Victoria, please do get in touch to save on quality mats.

Stock isn't touched when not required and therefore contact with any item is negligible. 

Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, New Zealand, Hong Kong

Shipping times to Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and New Zealand also seem to be fairly consistent with expectation.

We're excited to also add Hong Kong to our delivery list for non-mat orders!

Shipping rates for non-mat items to NZ are also expected to change end of June.

Dojo Mats thanks and appreciates every single person that has shown support over the past 3 years in operation.