About The Ippon Gear Judo Brand From Germany

Ippon Gear is Ippon-Shop's modern high-quality in-house judo brand. The vision is to bring a fresh touch into the sport of Judo with new lifestyle judo products as well as some modern features on regular judo equipment. The mission is to supply the whole judo community no matter if professional athletes, judo fans, or beginners with great judo stuff.

The slogan "BE WHAT YOU WANNA BE..." incorporates the vision and mission of IPPON GEAR. In times of customizing everybody can choose its own equipment and its own judo style. With uniforms like the the "Future", the "Fighter", the "Hero" or the "Legend" it is up to you who you want to be! Besides of high quality Judo uniforms, IPPON GEAR supplies you with accessories, protectors and bags at an unbeatable price level.

Additionally, the special IPPON GEAR MIX & MATCH Service enables you to find the perfect size for your uniform. All competition models "Fighter" and "Legend", are available as separate items, so you can choose a jacket or a pant only or mix sizes to find the perfect fit!

Since 2018, IPPON GEAR is furthermore an official IJF Judo brand which validates our products on all national and international competitions