IJF Approved Judo Gi - Red label Judo Gi approved by IJF

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In our store you will find quality IJF Approved Judo Gis which are relatively new to the Oceanic region

Judo Gi approved by the International Judo Federation

These brilliant IJF Approved Judo gi can be used for Judo training, or for international Judo competitions at the highest level

When your current supplier has let you down or ran out of sizes, we keep an eye on our IJF Approved Judo Gi stock levels often.

Select red label Judo Gi from German brands Ippon Gear and Danrho, or Swiss brand Hiku.

The pre-shrunk "Legend" IJF approved Judo Gi by Ippon Gear can be mixed and matched with different sized jacket and pants, so make sure you know what size you are!

The "Ultimate" IJF Approved Judo Gi by Danrho isnt pre-shrunk, and has a more traditional fit.

Be sure to wash the IJF Approved Judo Gi with cold water first few washes. Exceptions do apply. If you want to shrink it down (a little bit) more, warm water wash is needed

All IJF Gi above $150 will include free domestic shipping, which means ALL IJF Approved Gi (set) include free shipping! Treat yourself to one of the best Judo Gi made for international tournaments

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