Deep Cleaning the Tatami Mats

We've done extensive testing on deep cleaning the tatami mats at Dojo Mats, and we're super excited to bring you this service

Why would you want to clean the mats?

Over a long period of time, dust, sweat, dirt, blood and tears will accumulate and settle into the mats, leaving it that few shades dirtier

Maybe you have a general dislike for dirt and want to give your mats a facelift. Or maybe you want to keep a great first impression for impending members

If you have ever tried cleaning your tatami mat with little success, check out our post:

We'll slowly add more "before and after" posts, but in the mean time, you can try compare your results to ours

Please read the following conditions and expectations:

  1. This service is currently available for Melbourne/Victoria only 
  2. We do not provide advice on how you can clean your mats, as
  3. Mats not purchased from us will need to go through surface testing, to ensure cleaning will not damage the surface. Mats purchased from us will attract a cheaper cost to clean per mat
  4. Mats which have visible significant damage on any side will not be accepted for cleaning
  5. Deep cleaning is expected to remove:
    1. Sweat, dust, blood, dirt
  6. Cleaning will not expect to remove black mould, or any skid marks due to friction from shoes
  7. Mats will need to be left with us for the duration of the clean. Depending on the quantity, you can choose to pick up the next day, or go to Chadstone Shopping Centre which is nearby
  8. Deep cleaning will only cover surface A (Top visible surface), not B (Sides) and C (under)

Testing & infrastructure:

We are currently testing the removal of permanent markers and whether it is feasible to add it to the above.

We are also in the process of building the support which would allow us to clean the mats with less difficulty