Judo Mats, Tatami Mats

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Please contact us for any lower quantity, as we place an order for a small amount for ourselves when a customer orders 

Mat surface choices for grappling, throwing, and rolling

Tatami surface (10 color selection)

Introducing 10 vibrant colors shown below.

Colors on screen are approximate and may vary depending on your monitor settings.


The German way (Size/density selection)

2mx1mx4cm or 1mx1mx4cm sizes available

Different densities

  1. 240cbm (Tatami Deluxe - standard density, fast competition grade mats) - recommended
  2. 200cbm (Tatami Training - good for kids and adults who don’t fall well)

Consisting of individual full - foam composite panels,

  • Top side and side edges covered with rice straw textured vinyl (heavy special judo mat cover),
  • Bottom side covered with anti-slip latex waffle structure foam.
  • Two years guarantee of tear proof by special treatment. Fireproof of fire class  B2 DIN 4102. Free of CFC and solvents, fully cleanable.

Each full length mat (2mx1m) weighs around (~20kg)

The main difference in quality (Mats from China Vs Germany)

Other mats

Our mats

PVC melt with cotton based underlay

  • Absorbs water (will be an eventual problem when corners start to wear and sweat gets in, you’ll have unsightly bloated edges!)

PVC melt surface with fibre based underlay

  • Durable and water resilient

Glossy surface

Non-glossy surface

Adhesive that glues the rubber surface and cotton underlay wears over time due to friction, forming “bubbles”.

Peeling off the rubber surface is easy. Regular usage and cleaning will wear the surface at a rapid rate

Rubber surface and fibre underlay are chemically bounded, making peeling the surface extremely difficult. This means mat surface will last the distance.

Foam can degrade quickly over time.

Uneven texture with usage of under 3 years

Foam is known to remain in great condition for over 10 years

Edge radius is rounded. Causes gaps between mats - injury prone

Edges radius is sharp. Gaps are kept to a minimum - no stubbing your toes!

Veneer board in middle of core. Breaks when bent, disintegrates and expands when wet

Foam is uniform throughout mat

Might be made 5mm off specification. Causes gaps in mats, resulting in injuries Made to specifications


Surface color samples and 20cmx20cmx4cm mat samples are free - however there is a shipping fee of $10. Please see product samples.