Judo Belts Australia - Extensive Range of Belts For Judo

Meet our collection of Judo belts here.

We store the more popular sizes for black tip Judo belts, or bi-colored Judo belts by Danrho.

You can also buy Judo belts which are approved by the IJF by Danrho, or Ippon Gear.

Ippon Gear's Judo belts are the most sturdy out of all black and brown Judo belts, and the Dax-sports's colored Judo belts are popular too because they're slightly thicker.

Judo belts by Danrho are great for junior Judoka as they are easier to tie.

Our Judo belts have black tips on both ends and is great quality too.

Ordering for your Judo club is extremely easy - send us your email, physical address, and we'll be honored to do a club deal (with flat rate fast domestic shipping) on Judo belts with you! Your student will never miss out on their grading because of a missing Judo belt. We monitor the quantities often.

These belts arent necessarily just for Judo. Other martial art clubs like Taekwondo, Karate and BJJ also put these belts to great use. Feel free to check out more belts that can be used for all martial arts.

Get the perfect Judo belt here, and enjoy $10 domestic flat rate shipping for orders under $150 for consumers.

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