About Us

Dojo Mats was established in 2017 as an online business, by Sunny Chua. Since young, Sunny has had a strong passion for Judo. Starting Judo in the year 2000, Sunny has had the opportunity to train, learn, and teach all over the world for Judo. This involved training with top athletes from Japan, Korea, Sweden and other parts of Europe/Asia. He now coaches the teenagers and adults at Taketani Judo Academy in Oakleigh, Victoria.

After gaining experience in a few jobs in inventory management and call center solutions, Sunny utilizes the skills learned to pursue his passion for Judo by supplying quality Judo products. Working in conjunction with several known Judo brands such as Dax-sports, Ippon Gear, Danrho and Hiku, he is able to provide you with the best quality grappling products.

Since officially starting DojoMats in February 2018, he has assisted and gained customers of numerous clubs within Australia with cost-effective Judo uniform, belts, and quality mats.

Sunny remains passionate about the gentle art and is still a current competitor of Judo and Brazilian Jiujitsu till this date. He aims to help promote Judo within Australia and support up and coming athletes.

If you're looking for support as an athlete, dojomats@gmail.com, starting with "Hey Sunny" to indicate this was read. Please do not use "Dear Sir/Madam". However, there are no current plans for assisting cadet/junior players.