Monash University Jiu Jitsu Club in Melbourne

Monash University Jiu Jitsu Club

Age of New mats: [From Nov 2018, 32 2mx1m]


The Jiujitsu Club at Monash University make use of the space in the common martial arts room.
As a non-permanent mat area, the mats are moved to the floor every training, 2-3x a week. 


As they only need to move the mats a short distance from storage, the 2mx1m tatami mat was chosen as most members could easily move 1 full mat by themselves. The weight from a full mat helps reduce movement under the mat, which is great for a small dojo.


You can see the latest Monash University Jiu Jitsu Club's pictures of the mats on their facebook page!
A few sample shots for your convenience. More will be added slowly:
Monash University Jiujitsu Club Dojo in MelbourneMonash University Jiujitsu in melbourneMonash University Jiujitsu in melbourne

Monash University Jiu Jitsu Club's Facebook page

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