Dax sports is a great German brand which has little/no reputation of major shrinkage rates. With a great selection of uniforms, you will be able to perform at the best of your ability

  • 450g/m2 Entry Level, kids beginners - AFK, AFKB
  • 650g/m2 Kids competition level, advanced, great starter Gi for adults - AMJ, AMJB
  • 650g/m2 Gi with no shoulder embroidery - AMJO, AMJBO
  • 750g/m2 Durable training Gi + recommended for adult competitors - ATG, ATGB

These gi are very well liked worldwide, and the 450GSM Gi is by far the most popular among beginners. If you need something thicker yet comfortable, choose the 750gsm uniform. It is great general purpose gi that is comfortable to wear and train in

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