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Slimfit jacket variation (Slim fit calculator)
✅Modern athletic cut
IJF Approved, red label
Pre-shrunk so you will never have to worry about the Gi not fitting in 6 months
✅"Mix and Match" system allows you to purchase jacket and pants separately to achieve the perfect fit. Great for people who struggle to fit stock standard Gi sizes 
✅Available in slim fit and regular
The Ippon Gear Legend is Ippon Gear's premium competition model and made for legendary judo moments.

Official judo gi of national teams: Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Albania.

Official judo gi of the top stars: Lukas Krpalek, Krisztian Toth, Hedwig Karakas, Bernadette Graf, Kathrin Unterwurzacher, Barbara Matic, Dominik Druzeta etc.

75% cotton, 25% polyester. Approximately 690g/m2, sanforised.

150 - 210 (also intermediate sizes available)

white or blue

This suit is prewashed. With proper washing, the shrinkage will be approximately 1-3cm!

Size recommendation:
Height 170cm = size 165cm

=========== General recommendation ===========

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