Slim Fit Calculator

If you're new to purchasing slim fit Judo Gi (Especially an IJF one), I would highly recommend you know your height and weight.

If you are purchasing a slim fit for your child, do read the following:

  • Previous Judo Gis are a POOR indicator of what sized Gi you currently need, especially if they were not an IJF Gi.
  • Your Gi might have shrunk excessively at the arms (but not vertically), making you think that all Gis shrink that way.
  • Your old gi might also be EXTRA wide, making you think that is the case for all Gi that size.

If your friend has a slim fit, and you are thinking the next size up (slimfit) or down should do:

  • Yes, a slim fit will fit you if the Gi is large enough - however, you may find that the larger the jacket, the longer the vertical length of the jacket
  • Choose the Gi based on our suggestions below

Ippon Gear slim fit recommendations

The Ippon Gear IJF Gi are pre-shrunk, means they don't shrink excessively. Maybe about 1-3cm at the arm length. This has been tested by us and confirmed

Ippon Gear recommends that you choose half a size down to what your actual height is. In the list below we use actual customers and their actual height and weight

<165cm = 160cm gi (your approx weight: < 57kg)

  • S***H - 162cm, 49kg

<170cm = 165cm gi (your approx weight: < 60kg)

<175cm = 170cm gi (your approx weight: < 66kg)

  • N****N - 172cm, 62kg

<180cm = 175cm gi (your approx weight: < 70kg)

<185cm = 180cm gi (your approx weight: < 73kg)

<190cm = 185cm gi (your approx weight: < 77kg)

Words used to describe people who normally fit slim fit:

  • Thin, lanky, small, skinny, no fat etc
  • Any normal Judo Gi of your size wraps around you more than sufficiently

Words used to describe people who normally fit the regular fit:

  • Muscular, broad shoulders, strong, normal build, buff, bit of a tummy etc

We'll give you examples below of actual people that are NOT slim fit, even though they thought they were at first:

D**NY - 164cm/64kg - wears 160cm, regular fit

E***T - 181cm/81kg - wears 175cm, regular fit (experienced player who knows his size)

A****D - 169cm/78kg - wears 165cm, regular fit (Initially chose 170cm slim fit)

A good indication is to see the second digit of your height and compare it to the first digit of your weight.

175cm, 73kg - highly unlikely you are slim fit. Choose the regular instead

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