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"Moskito Junior" is the perfect Judogi for the adolescent Judoka or intermediate adults who want a Gi that is better than a single weave. An affordable, comfortable, and very well made Judo Gi, which can be worn both during training and during competition. Great for training in the summer heat.

  • Double-stitched knees 
  • Reinforced jacket at shoulders, chest and lapel
  • "moskito" embroidery on both shoulders
  • Approved for national championships and national league
  • Drawstring waistband
  • 100% cotton, approx. 650 g/m²
  • Shrinkage rate: ~7%
  • Items delivered: jacket, trousers (no belt)
  • Also available in Blue Judo Gi AMJB
  • No shoulder embroidery available for club/custom orders (AMJO/AMJBO)
  • Weave is in between a single and double


If you have a smaller frame with a need for a tighter fit, get this model. Well suited for the tall/lanky child or adult. Great starter Gi for adults and medium weight competition Gi for kids