Size Guide

Confused about sizes? First time buying a uniform? Let me help you!

First, be sure to identify your height.

For kids under 140cm, their weight is generally an indication of what size to get, as their size does not vary too much. Their arm length grows in proportion to their height. As kids grow taller, the size selection becomes slightly tricky

Some customers choose to alter the pants/sleeve so that they can use the suit for a longer period of time.


In my experience, the recommended sizes allow them to get great use out of it for about 1- 1.5 years, depending on their rate of growth

110cm - 119cm - For kids about 15 - 20kg - AFK/AFKB Models

120cm - 129cm - For kids about 20 - 30kg - AFK/AFKB Models

130cm -139cm - For kids about 30 - 40kg - AFK/AFKB, AMJ/AMJB/AMJO/AMJBO Models

140cm -149cm - For kids about 40 - 50kg - AFK/AFKB, AMJ/AMJB/AMJO/AMJBO Models

150cm - 159cm - For kids about 50 - 60kg - AFK/AFKB, AMJ/AMJB, ATG/ATGB, ALL IJF Models

160cm - 169cm - For kids about 60 - 70kg - AFK/AFKB, AMJ/AMJB, ATG/ATGB, ALL IJF Models

170cm - 179cm - For kids about 70 - 80kg - AFK/AFKB, AMJ/AMJB, ATG/ATGB, ALL IJF Models

180cm - 189cm - For kids about 80 - 90kg - AFK/AFKB, AMJ/AMJB, ATG/ATGB, ALL IJF Models

Adults: ALL IJF Models, ATG/ATGB, AMJ/AMJB models

In most cases (if no half sizes available), you should take your height and choose the next smallest size down. i.e 169cm -> choose size 3 (160cm)

Slim fit models are available, for those slightly below the weight range as per above -

Eg: 185cm tall and approx 70kg? - 180cm Slim fit recommended

Slightly above the weight range?

Eg 185cm tall and approx 95kg+? - 180cm M recommended (DanRho Sensei M, Ultimate M/ATG)

Half sizes are slightly tricky -

If you're 167cm tall I would recommend getting a 165cm for a better fit

If you're too close to the nearest size i.e 171/172cm, think about getting the 165cm for a close fit (instead of the 170cm)

Please note that the recommendations above are suitable for most cases. if you're unsure, please ask us and we'll be sure to assist you!