Pre-order Mats Melbourne Only

Apologies, this event is concluded. Thank you for those who have pre-ordered!

Thank you for your interest! A lot of people know I will be making an order for my own stock (I usually dont stock any, a milestone for me), and I'm happy to be taking pre-orders. It will give me a small profit 3 years into the business, which will go back into developing the auto tracking pan tilt zoom live streaming camera for Judo

[Spots left for pre-order: 0]

Deadline for order: 31 July 2020 (Payment due 1 Aug)

Lead time: 12-14 weeks from Germany (Arrival approx start of Nov)

Payment methods:

  • Direct bank transfer preferred
  • Afterpay (+6% to total, for up to 2 fullmats mats only)
  • Credit card/Paypal (+1.3% to total, up to 5 fullmats mats only)

Density: 240cbm (220 can be selected, but 240 is the common one)

Free delivery to your door on day of arrival (within 10km of 3145, or pick up any other time)

Possible buy back small amount in future (min 1 year) depending on color demand, and density

Pre-order price (2m x 1m Full mat): $185 each for 2+, $190 for 1

Pre-order price (1m x 1m Square mat): $95 each for 3+, $100 each for 2

Normal Retail price: $210 with a purchase of min 40

Details needed:

  • Name
  • Address (unless picking up)
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Mat color, quantity, density (if changed)

If you need updates on the order, do let me know! Otherwise I will be in contact

  • When reached German port (Mid Sept)
  • When reached Melbourne port (End of Oct)

Elite Dojo Supplies Pty is trading informally as Dojo Mats and is a GST registered company. If you use the mats for business, and are also a GST registered company, you can claim the GST