SYDNEY IO 2021 Live Streaming Testing Objective

As most of you have seen, over the last 1.5 years I’ve been working on bringing high quality streaming services to the judo community. I have successfully streamed over 80 mat hours (SAIO2019, SYDIO2020) with quality 1080p footage.
The outcomes and feedback has been positive and encouraged me to continue improving this service. Despite being in its basic form (static), there are many aspects in which it can be improved.
Thanks to the support of Judo NSW, an opportunity has arisen for me to perform some testing of streaming enhancements at the upcoming Sydney IO and am looking for small clubs, small businesses to support with expense coverage to make it happen.

Work Overview:

The plan is to test remote camera control on one of the mats and have the standard streaming solution on two other mats. Ideally, it would be great to test the remote functionality on all however there are some limitations with the new venue - there's no wifi. Portable connection will be in use which may impact some of the outcomes if coverage within the area is limited.
A minimum of 3hours of live streaming on Sunday 28th Feb is promised (till ~1pm)
I currently have 5 clubs and 2 businesses supporting this testing and am keen to see more jump onboard. Your club/business will benefit from the exposure from this stream.
You can easily add your business/club to the stream by purchasing 10x coffees on the day (available 7am 28th Feb). Please read the description for details

Special thanks to these clubs:

And these businesses:

For making this live stream, and testing possible.
Please head to their social media pages and give them support