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Live Stream Road Map

DojoMats Judo Live Stream Roadmap:

Current basic stream features:

  • Stationary camera
  • Multi-directional microphone (you'll hear echos from stadium)
  • smooth, 1080p streaming qualitiy

The basic stream is sufficient to watch the event with minimal frustration

As more milestones below are completed, the quote for live streaming increases to support the features. Do get in touch quickly to support this development as we never forget our first supporters

This is our plan:

  • Dynamic scoreboard (name + score + fight progression) on the video stream  [Testing In progress]
    • Event manager (Complete)
    • IJF software (Complete - Equipment upgrade needed for multiple mats)
    • EuroJudo
    • Smoothcomp
  • Live stream a Judo tournament of 4 mats
  • Live stream a Judo tournament in New Zealand
  • Opening advertising opportunities for local businesses on live stream
  • Design the casing for the motion sensor
  • Integrate dedicated mic for commentators (1 Mat) - equipment upgrade needed
  • Archive the recorded live streams. Users can easily select their competition and name to find their recorded fight [In progress]
  • Add button to connect via wifi, so that a soft warning can be issued to a medic staff to pay attention to a respective mat
  • Multi channel (facebook+youtube) streaming
  • Live stream a Judo tournament of 5 mats [Syd International 2020 - [Done]]
  • Live stream a Judo tournament of 3 mats [Done]
  • Live stream to Youtube in 1080p to cover 95% of the mat area [Done]
  • Upgrade equipment (laptop) to be able to easily handle 4 or 5 mat areas [Done]
  • Programming sensors to be able to turn to the camera left and right when people move in selected area [Done]
  • Live stream a Judo tournament of 2 mats for South Australia International Open [Done]
      • Approx 0.00% dropout rate for mat 1 (28 out of 630443 yes we can track dropout rates!)
      • Approx 0.00% dropout rate for mat 1 (35 out of 630717)
  • Program a system so the camera is zoomed in and follows the action [20%]
    • Machine learning object tracking algorithm complete
    • Motor arm designing
    • Enclosure design