FAQ and troubleshooting for Judo Live Stream

Troubles with viewing the live stream for Judo?

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QN: Whats your deal?

ANS: My name is Sunny and I'm an ex-engineer, long time Judoka who is fed up and looking to improve the Judo scene in Australia. You can read more about me and the business on the "About us" tab

QN: There is no audio on one of the mats

ANS: If possible, switch on the audio for another mat, and watch it simultaneously with the silent mat.

QN: There is no audio for ALL of the mats

ANS: Please send us an email at dojomats@gmail.com and we'll look to resolve it immediately. Please do NOT call during the tournament, as calls will not be answered during a live stream event. If there is a problem with the stream, it is likely to already be attended to.

QN: Why is the camera stationary?

ANS: This current solution that is aimed at basic functionality and viewing at 1080p. There will be different ones including "auto tracking" in the future, but will mainly depend on what service is provided to the tournament organiser.

In our opinion, stationary + 1080p quality camera is always better than a sometimes moving camera setup

QN: Why is there no scoreboard?

ANS: Certain scoring softwares do not make it easy to grab the virtual scoreboard. It is possible, but it requires expensive equipment to be able to do so. It also depends on the requirements and what we can provide to the tournament organiser at said time of development

QN: Can I get an extract of my fight?

ANS: Yes, you certainly can! You can send us an email and we'll happily find your fights and send you a link to download them all. All requested videos will be combined into one video, and you'll have 24H to download them

QN: There is no picture, or it cuts out often

ANS: Please check if you have a stable internet connection. 

QN: My internet connection is stable, but the picture is still fuzzy

ANS: Please check you've selected the highest resolution setting in Youtube. It will likely be 1080p you're looking for, depending on the capability of your internet provider