My First Judo Book [Digital]

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Our popular kids book (1000+copies sold) is now in digital form! All pages can be coloured to suit your child's creativity.

This digital copy saves you the hassle of waiting for the physical copy. It is the only item in store which is available worldwide. You will get a download link immediately after checkout

There are 2 versions

Digital Book Only - PDF(7mb) - 32pages (Physical Copy here)

  • 2 sections - Complete the dots and "Sensei says" for writing advice from Sensei
  • Newaza: Kesa Gatame, Kuzure Kesa Gatame, Mune Gatame, Yokoshiho Gatame, Kata Gatame, Kami Shiho Gatame, Tate Shiho Gatame
  • Nagewaza: OGoshi, Ippon Seoi, Morote Seoi, Osoto, Kouchi, Ouchi gari, Taiotoshi, Deashi

Digital Book + Other Exercises(10mb)  - PDF - 49pages (Physical Copy unavailable) 

  • Includes ALL content from "Digital Book Only"
  • Added techniques: Uchimata, Haraigoshi, Hiza Guruma, Sasae
  • Other exercises include:
  • "Explain the difference" exercises
  • Write JUDO in Kanji
  • Word matching to Japanese for colours
  • Colour in the Judo Kanji!

If you have multiple kids, this would be great for you. Please consider purchasing multiple copies. I will be able to use the funds to improve the services surrounding Judo in Australia

This year, I improved live streaming Judo events in Australia. I'd like to improve it further by making a custom "player tracking" camera to live stream the match.