Judo Uniform and Suits in Australia and New Zealand for All Levels

There are numerous quality Judo uniforms (known as Gi) in our store by DanRho, Hiku, Daxsports, and Ippon Gear. These Judo suits are often worn by beginners to the sport, to professional athletes in the European Judo circuit, and are gaining popularity worldwide.

When selecting a Judo uniform, you will generally see a number 350, 390, 450, 500, 650, 750 etc in the title or description.

This will give you a general feel on the thickness of the Judo suit, with 600+ being more suited towards competitors. The serious Judo representatives generally go for an "IJF approved" (or even a non-IJF approved) Judo suit rated at 750gsm, but are not necessary for a Judoka new to the art. For a starter Judoka, especially younger ones, you'd want to choose a 350-450gsm uniform. The Future Judo Gi is our smallest suit in-store (100cm)

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