"AFK Kids" 450 Judo Gi White

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This kids Judo gi is an extremely popular gi used by Judo clubs throughout Australia for kids that have just started Judo.
It is a great quality single weave Judo gi - 450GSM
Durable and yet comfortable to wear. It is the best Judo Gi for kids or juniors!
White belt included

This Judo Gi*:

  • Won't break your pocket
  • Won't tear easily
  • Adds 10% to attention and listening skills in kids
  • Likely to mistaken it for casual wear - gentle for the wearer
  • Is known to reduce complaining and rebelliousness
  • Great cost effective alternative for BJJ Kids 

*Actual results may vary

Blue single weave available here: Model AFKB

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Your child's current height is a MAJOR indicator of gi size, however, if your childs weight is in excess of the guide, please consider going up a size or contact us to double check

Generally, if your child is:
Height Approx Weight (kg) Their Gi size is:
110cm + < 20 110cm
120cm + < 20 to 30 120cm
130cm + < 30 to 40 130cm
140cm + < 40 to 50 140cm
150cm + < 50 to 60 150cm
160cm +* < 55 to 70 160cm 
170cm +* < 60 to 80 170cm
180 - 190cm* < 70 to 90 180cm


*We recommend the 650gsm models (AMJ/AMJB) for bigger kids/adults

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