Picking your first Judo uniform

Picking your Judo Uniform

Picking your first Judo uniform can be tough. So many different terms - weaves, gsm, models, can be confusing. Our guidelines will give you a few considerations on how to select your first Judo uniform to get the greatest value for your money..

Judo uniforms generally come in 2 colors - white and blue. Sometimes your club can have rules on which to wear but it is rare. If you are unsure, go with a white Judo uniform.

1) Budget

When are looking for your first Judo uniform, you have to ask yourself how much you are looking to spend. Are you fairly certain that you will be sticking to Judo for a while? Financials play a huge part in your decision.

There are different quality considerations when choosing your first Judo uniform, and the better quality Judo uniforms are generally more expensive. If you know for sure that you will be attending Judo lessons frequently, invest in a double weave Judo uniform.

Kids Judo uniformJudo uniform

If you are doing Judo casually and have yet to represent your state or country in Judo competitions, there is no need to get an IJF Approved Judo uniform.

Generally, when looking for a Judo uniform, you will see a number associated to the model which describes the material density on the title or description. For example, single weave Judo uniforms range from 290gsm, 350gsm, 450gsm, 500gsm.

I would recommend going for a 450gsm Judo uniform for beginner kids, or small adults as it is a very decent quality for a starter Judo uniform. Depending on your size, anything less might be very thin for a grappling sport and may rip easy. Check out our single weave 450gsm Judo uniform here

For the larger adults, you will be putting the cotton material to the test if you go for a 450gsm Judo uniform. Denser Judo suits would be a better recommendation. For example, 500+ gsm.

2) Training frequency

Depending on your training frequency, you might need an extra Judo uniform. ATG Judo UniformDouble weave Judo uniforms (600gsm, 750gsm, 850gsm, 950gsm) take about 1-2 days to dry, depending on where you are from and its humidity.

If you have Judo training on Monday and Tuesday, chances are you will need it to dry quicker. If you have Judo training on a Tuesday and Thursday, you can afford to have 1 Judo uniform to let it dry before the next lesson.

For hygiene purposes, please do not train in a sweaty Judo uniform.

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3) Fitment

Ijf Approved Judo UniformIf you're going for competitions, it might be worth your while to not have excess material where it is not needed. Judo uniforms tend to get slightly more expensive when the uniform is well designed to the body shape - as opposed to having a "general one-size-fits-all" type Judo uniform.

There you go, 3 main points to help you choose your first Judo uniform. Hopefully this will guide you into making an informed decision on what to purchase.

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