Struggling with Spam?

Setting up a Judo club email is simple, but getting constant emails which arent potential members is so frustrating and annoying.

Sunny shows you how he manages his emails, as well as unwanted facebook messages.


Create a filter with keywords only marketers and exporters use.

Most (non-legit) markets use either gmail or hotmail.

They also use words like "1st page". or "manufacturer"

Don't worry, if you dont like this process, you can remove the filter and everything is back to normal

  1. Open up your gmail and log in to your club email
  2. In the top right hand corner, you should see a gear icon. Click on it and go to "See all Settings" as below
  • Look at the top headers in the new page and find "Filters and Blocked Addresses"
  • Scroll down and find the button (middle of page) "Create new filter"
  • Enter the below in the "From" field
    1. |
  • Enter the below in the "Has the words" field
    1. "1st page" | "first page" | "SEO Expert" | "Keyword" | rank | package | digital  | optimize | issue | audit | yahoo | google
  • This takes out any emails containing any keywords that you define.
  • You can use the search button to find any past emails to double check your keywords.
  • Once done, click "Create filter"
  • Select "Delete it"
  • You're done! Please note if a potential member says "i found you off google", then his email will be deleted too. Use keywords to your own discretion.
  • 2) For Facebook page

    Most people who want to sell you something are from China, India, or Pakistan.

    For Sunny, it doesnt matter if there are no followers from that region. As a Judo Club, that likely doesnt matter either.

    1. In your Facebook page, go to settings (mostly found on the bottom left corner)
    2. In the "General" tab (first popup), find "Country Restrictions" (middle section) and edit
    3. Enter China, India and Pakistan
    4. Select "Hide this Page from viewers in these countries" and ok


    I hope these 2 will save you lots of unwanted spam.

    Click like and share if this was helpful, thank you in advance!


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