[Social media tip #4] What content should Judo clubs be posting about then?

It depends.

Lets talk about what my Facebook page, Dojo Mats, strives to achieve when making content. When making content, I have to keep in mind that I want to drive relevant people, i.e Judokas, to my page. I will need to post about Judo stuff. Not BJJ stuff, not martial arts stuff as that will attract people interested to BJJ or any form of martial arts.

Lets say you want to attract MORE children/junior members to your club. You have to understand that kids do not use Facebook, so you will have to convince parents to bring their child to Judo.

I have seen numerous posts about how "Judo is great for children" which is often shared often by Judo clubs. It is a step forward in the right direction. However, I find that this is lacking slightly and isn't great in getting the required targetted attention

Thats not to say that Judo clubs should not post about Ippon videos, etc. However, most of those post will only interest Judokas.

Shared content (often with low-quality pictures) does not draw attention to prospective customers. From my experience with Facebook, the people that share that specific post will share similar traits (Judoka) to people who react to it, and the post will be continued to be spread only amongst those people (Judoka). If you think about it hard enough, parents of kids who do Judo and have nothing to do with Judo, will not be included in this group.

If you want to start bringing in NEW people to your club, I would think about:

  • Investing/finding someone with quality photography/videography skills
  • Take pictures/videos of your junior members having fun
  • Parents have some pride seeing their child being featured, and will share within their social circle (ideally choosing parents with greater social connections)
  • Friends of the parents' child will comment and gain interest from there.

In this example, the interest is from word of mouth, and is a warm approach to introducing new people to Judo.

Do let me know what you think

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