[Social media tip #3] So why arent ALL my posts popular on facebook?

Ok this is tricky. it cant be a multitude of factors, as the Facebook algorithm is always changing:
  1. Im doing some testing
  2. I just want to put content out
  3. The content is just not interesting enough
  4. Other factors
I want to explain more on #3 which I find has the biggest impact. From my experience, if facebook decides your post is interesting, you will find there is more of a spread for your post. this means that if people "react" or "comment" on your text post, it signals an engagement point to the post. the more engagement it has, the more spread. 
But the content needs to be RELEVANT to the person for them to be interested in the post. It means that not all Judoka looking at this is interested in learning new social media tricks. Trying to post about politics for example (Yes I've seen it around), will generally get no interest at all.
Facebook knows if you have clicked "See more" and that counts as an engagement. They know if you have seen 10, 25, 50,75,100% of the video.

If you haven't seen most of a video, and you share the video, they know you arent interested in the video and contributing to spam. They know that if you share someone's link without even looking at its content (the time from exit facebook app and back determines how interesting the content is), you are contributing to spam.
They also see that you are "begging" for share/likes/comments and they will reduce the spread on that too. If you're asking for shares/likes, chances are you are selling something. if you're selling something, they want you to spend money on facebook. you are generally using the platform for free mostly anyway
So here's a few things you can do for a better reach:
  1. No one likes to read essays. You can add a relevant high quality image to your post.
  2. Or even better, you can upload a video. videos are known to get more engagement
  3. Dont post the videos to youtube first as per tip #2
  4. Post frequently so your facebook members can get used to what you post

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