How to tie your Judo or Martial Arts Belt

If you're just starting out Judo, or any martial art, even the basic tying of the belt can be tough. Don't worry, as time progresses, you'll get it. Following these few steps, you'll get how it is done quickly.

Most Judo or martial arts clubs will show you how to tie your belt on the first few days, but if you're the type to want to go in prepared, follow these tips:

1) Find the middle of the belt. You can start by using 1 hand to grab a random part of the belt you think is the middle

2) Adjust till you manage to identify the middle

3) Left over right (picture), then place middle of belt on belly button

4) Wrap both ends of the belt, interchange at back

5) Be sure to adjust the belt so it is tight around your waist

6) Left over right, then left does under both loops

7) Identify the protruding part of the belt

8) Top goes over bottom, then loops in

9) Pull tightly to secure the belt

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