Live Streaming Information Page

DojoMats's Facebook page has often posted about our progress developing an unmanned basic live streaming system.

We are not a professional streaming company. As a Judoka of 20 years, we want the best to promote Judo in the local community. If someone else can do it better, choose them. If there's no one else better.... we've got the successful completion of a few International Open's around Australia

What we can currently offer is covered here

Judo Australia Live stream

 Pricing will be based on our availability for technical support, in addition to travel and accommodation

 Live streaming can be done anywhere in Australia and New Zealand, where there is a good network connection

 Remote areas might be geographically impossible to provide a stable stream

 It is wiser to have your own LAN/Wifi connection (usually) offered by the stadium. If you decide to choose your own network, Dojomats will not be held responsible for any network outages. Be sure it has a minimum upload speed of 20Mbps, and other open port requirements

Recordings of the tournament will be kept by Dojomats and kept unlisted, but can be requested

It is more cost effective to be an early supporter by requesting a quote, and we'll do your next tournament with a free upgrade

Check out our past work

The Benefits Of Having a Live Stream For Your Event:

  • Instantly allow relatives/friends to gain interest in Judo by looking up the stream, to support and cheer for their loved ones without being physically at the location

  • Clear the floor space so no push/shoving of parents wanting to film their child competing - relax knowing there is a recording in place they can look up later

  • Offer potential gold sponsors the opportunity to showcase their brand to audiences related to the Judo community
  • International visitors can share their fights with friends in a later timezone

Click here to view any live stream currently running