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Athlete profile:

Elite Judo Athlete

Perth, Australia

Australian Institute of Sports funded and categorized athlete.

2010 - Present

  •       Current Australian National Champion (3x Seniors, 1x u/21, 1x u/17)
  •       Australian University Games champion (2013 & 2016)

Represented Australia in multiple national and international competitions and training camps:

  •       ACT international open
  •       Sydney international open
  •       Southern cross international open
  •       Oceania Championships
  •       World Cadet Championships (Ukraine 2011)
  •       World Junior Championships (Slovenia 2013)
  •       Oceania World cup (2014 & 2015.)
  •       World University Games / Summer Universiade (Korea 2015)
  •       Mittersal Olympic training camp (Austria 2016)
  •       Asian Open (Taipei 2016 & 2017)

Full-time athlete in Kokushikan Judo program (Tokyo 2014-2015)

  •       Full time training program with the top Judo School in Japan 7 days a week 2-3x a day for a year.

Scholarships and Awards:

  •       UWA sports scholarship (2013 &2016)
  •       RAC Western Australian Athlete of the Year Nominee (2015)
  •       UWA Convocation scholarship (2015)
  •       AIS Sports Grant for top 5 most promising Jr athletes (2015)
  •       UWA Full Blues Award (2016)
  •       WAIS Darcy Slater Scholarship (2017)

Dojo Mats: When did you start Judo?

Kai: I started Judo at 13

Dojo Mats: Why did you start Judo?

Kai: I started Judo because i wanted to learn a martial art, I did Muay thai and Kendo prior and found Judo to be the most fun and suited my personality well.

Dojo Mats: How did you start Judo? (were you forced into it, do it willingly etc)

Kai: I saw it on youtube and i fell in love with it ever since.

Dojo Mats: What are your greatest achievements in which you are proud of?

Kai: My greatest achievements would be becoming Senior National champion.

Dojo Mats: Describe the toughest training you ever had

Kai: My toughest training would have been in kokushikan when the team lost a big competition and we spent 8 hours in the dojo doing a combination of Judo and conditioning, I fell asleep on the spot right after we bowed off.

Dojo Mats: Describe the best moments you have had in Judo

Kai: My best moments in Judo are actually seeing the people who i train with and have helped develop overcome huge victories both on and off the mat.

Dojo Mats: What other sports do you enjoy doing? Why?

Kai: I enjoy almost all sports to be honest, there's always something to work on and develop.

However the sports i enjoy the most besides judo are probably Soccer and Olympic weight lifting.

Dojo Mats: Describe how being a Judo athlete is in Australia and some difficulties. Any life lessons you’ve learnt from Judo?

Kai: Being a Judo athlete in Australia is hard. It's not really a sport to get recognition as a lot of people don't understand what the sport is about and how hard it really is as well as how much of our lives are actually invested in the sport. There's no money in the sport either and to even stand a chance internationally you have to sacrifice every other aspect of your life.

Though it is very hard, Judo has taught me too many life lessons to even write down, and to be honest i still have a lot to learn.

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