Justine Bishop - NZ Judo Athlete

Justine Bishop has been in the Judo scene for the longest time.
With all that dedication to the sport, we couldnt help but reach out to see if we could be of assistance.
Justine Bishop
Grade – 3 Dan
Started judo – 2001
Favourite throw – Uchimata
Goal: Olympic Games 2020

I started judo as a tiny, squeaky voiced 11-year-old, initially as after school care. After years of awkwardly stomping around a ballet class, it appeared I had finally found the sport for me. While the rough and tumble is a lot of fun, I love the mutual respect in judo – it really is more than a sport. I mean how sports get together after a competition and train alongside and against each other with sole purpose of improving each other’s judo??

Entering the 2020 Olympic games campaign, I decided I would throw everything I had mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially to fight for a chance to wear the silver fern on the Olympic stage. So here I am, chasing my lifelong dream and not looking back.

Like me, Dojomats believe in quality products, service, and no corner cutting. Knowing I have them and Sunny behind every step of the way is awesome.
You can follow her facebook page, or instagram to follow her progress to the Olympic games in Tokyo