Back To JUDO initiative

This initiative is concluded and come to an end. please follow dojomats on facebook if you've missed out

"Back to Judo" is our initiative to rebuild Judo in Victoria after a long COVID lockdown.

Currently for Victoria only - we've no doubt been out of Judo for way too long. However, if you're a Judo club from another state in Australia having it tough and need help raising funds, do get in touch.

"Back to Judo" requirements:

  • You're a known Judo club registered with Judo Victoria
  • The main activity conducted for your club is Judo
  • You're the club owner/coach of the Judo Club

What you get:

  • 2 x 650gsm kids competition Judo gi, (size 130/140, white/blue), chosen at random, both FREE (approx $200 value)
  • ~4 x Masks by IPPONGEAR (~$40 value) [No longer available]
  • Top 3 clubs which have supported my business over its lifetime get extra

What you need to do to get this offer:

  • Social media exposure
    • Tag @Dojomats (it shows blue on the post) on facebook and instagram, saying thanks, or anything else you want to add regarding back to judo initiative. If you want to add a picture of the result of selling the gis I certainly wont be stopping you :)
    • Include a clear picture of unpackaged received goods
    • add #BackToJudoVic #DOJOMATS for both
    • add the link so other vic clubs can benefit. I wont be making calls to clubs to offer this initiative
    • No restriction on audience, posted during business hours

Post should look like below:

Finer details:

  • Pickup is available, please conform to Victorian travel rules
  • Postage is what AUSPOST charges (~$18)
  • Postage is free if ANY white/blue kids 650gsm gi is purchased at:
    • $55 - kids 650gsm white gi (size 130/140, RRP ~$100)
    • $65 - kids 650gsm blue gi (size 130/140, RRP ~$105)
  • This means if you choose 1 white gi, postage is free + 2 extra randomly chosen kids gis as above
  • Restrictions on qty applies so other clubs dont miss out
  • It is expected that the gis will be sold for a small profit to raise funds for your club necessities
  • Pickup/delivery will commence once we have a known date for kids resuming Judo
  • Please get in touch via ONLY email or message the dojomats facebook page
  • Stock is limited and is expected to be picked up before 20 nov, not every club will get the same item, and stock will not be held

Frequently asked questions:

  • Why kids gi?
    • statistics say clubs have more kids than adults. The 650gsm gi is very good gi for kids at that age. I also have more of these than any other model.
  • How does Dojo Mats benefit from this?
    • exposure. your club will benefit financially from the sale of the gis and masks and will hopefully help with some necessities
  • How much can I sell the gis for?
    • I would expect anywhere near the RRP, so that you can benefit more from the sale of the gis. Selling for anywhere near half the RRP is not helpful to helping you raise funds
  • I'm a MMA/BJJ club, can I benefit from this?
    • Unfortunately, this initiative is for the Judo community in Victoria only
  • I'm involved with 2 Judo clubs, can i collect for both?
    • No
  • Does this initiative expire?
    • Yes, Please be in touch AND collect before the 20th of November