Sports Bag Fighter - Ippon Gear

Sports Bag Fighter - Ippon Gear

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Ippon Gear

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The IPPON GEAR 2 in 1 Sportsbag Fighter.

Maybe you've come across the Judo Gis by IPPONGEAR. We can guarantee you that this bag is equally impressive

This is a bag you definitely do not want to miss out on. Made of high quality polyester, the M holds about 2-3 Judo gi, while L holds 3-4 Judo Gi and more, depending on your Gi size.

This sports bag is packed full of value, it can be used as a backpack, or hide the backpack straps and sling it around your shoulders. The shoulder strap absolutely won't let you down as the buckle is made of solid metal.

Heaps of pocket storage on both sides, and front of the bag so you won't lose your valuables during training. Throw everything in it, put your sweaty Judo Gi in this bag after training and you never have to worry about not having enough space in a bag! 

You will not be disappointed with this gym bag.

The PERFECT gift for ANY Judoka!


M - 67 x 31 x 32cm/ ~67L (Approx 1.1kg - great for carry-on luggage)

L - 72 x 34 x 34cm/ ~84L (Approx 1.4kg - great for check in luggage)