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My First Judo Book

My First Judo Book

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My aim is to promote Judo and allow children to have an enjoyable Judo journey.

For years there has not been a tool to assist a child learning Judo. Now there is! This book aims to prompt your child's curiosity. If your club has yet to teach you the techniques, look it up together or ask your Sensei!

This book will challenge your child to learn Judo techniques.

It includes 15 dot-to-dot (increments of +1) pictures of:

7 Ground techniques and 8 Standing techniques

Not only will it help promote their math skills, the book will also challenge their skills in drawing, colouring, and learn to recognise ground and standing techniques by spending time looking at the drawings.

Place the final drawing on the fridge or save it for childhood Judo memories

Colour every page!

Support my vision and trust in my skills to bring the best experience for your child.

Discount codes can be found from supporting Australian athletes

Suitable for kids 5-12 who are beginning their Judo journey

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